Celebrating 40 Years in the Drilling Business!

It’s amazing how fast 40 years can go.  40 years seems like a lifetime away when you are a kid.  I remember making fun of my parents when they were turning 40, over the hill, as most would say.  I guess the difference between celebrating 40 years in the Drilling Business and Celebrating as an adult is that if done right a company can essentially continue on forever!

Starting a business can be tough, keeping it going can be even tougher.  At Pearson Drilling Inc. we would like to think we have learned a lot in our 40 years, which will help us to be around for generations to come.  Drilling just seems to be in the blood lines.  Dale Pearson Trew (Grandfather) worked throughout the 60’s as the lead driller for multiple Seattle Drilling Companies, Terry Trew (Father) started drilling and tinkering with drill rigs right after high school in the 70’s. Terri “Tj” Trew (Mother) managed office duties for another drilling contractor prior to venturing out with my Father and Grandfather to start Pearson Drilling.  As a company starting out my mother learned every aspect of the business from being a drill rig oiler, on the ground, to completing payroll.  She still reminds me that they used to do all the paperwork by “hand”.

The hard work and effort to build Pearson Drilling in the first 40 years has provided a great foundation to keep building from in the future.  As a company 40 years is just the beginning for Pearson Drilling Inc. our goal will be to continue to provide high quality drilling and pile driving services to Seattle and Washington for years to come.

Since celebrating 40 years wouldn’t be much fun without actually taking a look back at the way things used to be, check out this Brochure from the 90’s!  A lot has changed, but the integrity and values are the same.

Old Brochure Page 002 Old Brochure Page 001


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