Record Seattle Rains, Again!

Massive Sinkhole

Oregon Sinkhole – Seattle Times Photo

Record Seattle Rains, Again!  How does this effect the soil and what can be done about it.  

Rain is pretty much a staple in the Seattle Construction industry, 2 years in a row of record rain fall can really take it’s toll.  Excess rain and saturated soils can cause serious problems, from landslides to flooding rivers and massive erosion problems.  Planning for these issues is a full time job but mother nature still prevails on a regular basis. Check out what happened last year to a road in Oregon.  The key to avoiding a major catastrophes like this is to catch/maintain problems when they are still small.  As a Drilling and Pile Driving contractor we know first hand the benefits of prevention and early detection of potential hazards.  In December 2015 Pearson Drilling was selected to help with the repairs of SR 542 Culvert Repair.  The culvert was damaged during a storm on Nov 17th when debris crushed a section of the 140-foot pipe below the roadway.

Pearson Drilling Inc. often works with Geo-technical experts, City Planners, Structural Engineers, and General Contractors to prevent/control issues just like the one above.  We offer a variety of services from Soldier Pile Lagging Walls, Driven Sheet Pile Retaining Walls and Deep Foundation Systems.  On the SR 542 Culvert Repair we used temporary H-pile shoring to widen the road and create a working platform.  Driven Sheet Piles were used to retain the roadway, protect the public from the dangers of the eroding soil below and provide access to the culvert 20-30 feet below the roads surface.

Early Detection is Key!

Luckily, WSDOT official were able to catch this problem early and come up with a plan to solve it before it turned into a major catastrophe.  If Record Seattle Rains are causing issues for you and your project or property give us a call 425-672-4826 or check out our Services Page to see if we can help!  Hopefully, the Rainy Season is finally past us here in Seattle but there will be always be another one.  Being prepared for it, is the safest and cheapest option.


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