Round, Wide Flange, and H-piles

Round, Wide Flange, and H-Piles Overview

Round, Wide Flange, and H-Piles are commonly used for large construction projects and deep foundation construction. Typically made from steel, these piles can withstand very heavy loads, but have higher initial material costs and are more expensive to transport due to size and weight. Steel piles often have higher labor and installation costs. Steel piles are chosen for their consistent, testable strength. As opposed to drilled shafts, which are fabricated in the ground, a pre-fabricated round or H-Pile can be thoroughly tested and stressed to ensure strength. Additionally, hollow round piles can be visually inspected after installation to ensure structural integrity.

Installing Round, Wide Flange and H-piles

Round, Wide Flange, and H-Piles are driven into the ground by using a pile driver, which hammers the pile into the ground. Round piles are often hollow pipes, which can be filled with concrete for added support once driven into the ground. This is beneficial in construction sites with corrosive soil, as the concrete pile can maintain most of the load carrying capacity after the steel pile corrodes. Because piles are ready to carry loads immediately after being driven (unlike drilled piles, which require time for concrete to cure), these types of piles can be installed more rapidly.

Driven H-Piles

Driven H-Piles

Benefits and Considerations

A benefit of using steel Wide Flange Piles and H-Piles is that piles can be easily joined together through welding. However, once installed, steel piles can suffer from corrosion and oxidation issues. To protect against corrosive soil conditions, increasing the steel’s thickness or choosing a higher grade of steel can counteract the corrosive effects. Driven piles do not displace soil, which reduces the cost of removing soil from the construction site.

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